About IPEM


The care of children in the emergency setting is an integral part of the Irish Health Care System from the prehospital setting and beyond. The Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) speciality straddles both Emergency Medicine (EM) and Paediatrics with trainees and consultants coming from both training backgrounds. A key 2010 publication through the Irish Association of Emergency Medicine (IAEM) outlines the development of PEM. The PEM model of care and its key position in improving all paediatric care nationally is outlined by both the HSE’s Emergency Medicine Programme and the Paediatric Programme.

In 2016, the first dedicated Irish Paediatric Emergency Research (IPERM) Meeting showcased scholarly work of PEM providers throughout our hospitals. PEM is growing in Ireland with numbers of emergency department visits increasing yearly. In the spring of 2022, a group of PEM providers, building on the previous successes of IAEM, IPERM and IPA, started IPEM2023 “connect and inspire”: the Irish Paediatric Emergency Medicine 2023 conference. Inspired from its success and the needs of PEM in All of Ireland, they set up the IPEM Association hoping to represent professional providers caring for children in emergency settings from the whole Island of Ireland. Initially, bringing together all professionals working in the field of Children and Emergency Medicine, IPEM Association aims to be the umbrella under which PEM education, innovation and research grows in Ireland.


After the success of IPEM2023 and recognizing the growth of PEM in Ireland, we decided to partner with IAEM to continue our growth, education and advocacy. We look forward to this partnership as it cements the IPEM Association on the whole island.